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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Bizjets - September 14 2019

CS-GLH GL6T NetJets Europe NJE925Y 04:59  A  06:48 D
C-GIIT CL65 Execaire Inc CGIIT 06:55  A
M-SAMA GL6T Jet Aviation Business Jets MSAMA 07:03  D
OE-GBE ASTR Tyrol Air Ambulance TYW314 09:49  D
F-HLRS E55P Air Vendee Investissments LWG1491 10:34  D
N280GR G280 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp N280GR 10:49  A
CS-DLM F2EX NetJets Europe NJE210B 11:43  D
N355EE E55P Embraer Executive Aircraft N355EE 11:45  A
N676EE E550 Embraer Executive Aircraft N676EE 12:31  A
G-KSFR CL30 TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd JCO2 00:15  D
N880ET CL64 Aviation Enterprises Inc N880ET 12:59  D
G-FXDM BE40 Flexjet Ltd FLJ55 15:49  A
TT-DIT F900 FlyART TTDIT 18:22  A  21:23 D
N98AD G280  A ltair Advanced Industries N98AD 19:19  A
D-AFAG CL64 FAI Rent-a-Jet AG IFA4151 20:34  A  21:36 D


  1. G-GMAA Learjet is now G-OICU and routed to Dublin from Turkey, it did not land at Stansted

  2. G-KSFR Landed at 00:15 and D-AFAG depated at 21:36