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Monday, 9 September 2019

Bizjets - September 8 2019

SE-RMR C56X Bluelink Jets AB BLJ59H 02:53  D
3B-PGT GL5T OSA Aviation 3BPGT 04:34  A
SE-RNR CL35 EFS European EUW9321 06:50  D
P4-PKZ CL64 Prime Aviation JSC PKZ3377 10:49  A
C-GENW F2EX Enbridge Inc CGENW 10:53  A
G-FXRS BE40 Flexjet Ltd FLJ56 12:13  D
P4-BFY G550 Bestfly Aruba BFY439C 12:28  A 1339 D
M-SAMA GL6T Jet Aviation Business Jets  MSAMA 14:20  A
N297PJ GLF4 Journey Aviation N297PJ 14:31  D
OE-HGS G200 M Jet Aviation GmbH MJF73G 14:42  A
G-WLKR E550 Air Charter Scotland EDC872R 16:44  D 2107 A
N621MM FA7X Island Jet Inc N621MM 17:03  D
A4O-AE G550 Oman Royal Flight ORF4 17:15  D
CS-PHL E55P NetJets Europe NJE204H 18:10  A
N600AR G450 North Holdings LLC N600AR 18:27  A
N999PN FA7X Jetcraft Global (UK) Ltd N999PN 18:35  D
G-MRLX G550 Saxonair Charter Ltd SXN55L 19:00  D
N575MW CL35 Duke Energy Business Services N575MW 21:02  A
N524VE G550 Valero Services Inc N524VE 21:12  A
N28ZD GLEX   N28ZD 22:47  A
N761LE G650 Polaris Aviation Solutions N761LE 22:52  A


  1. 2-MUST actually went out & in to North Weald and OK-VEA climbed out from Luton, beware of taking everything SBS logs as "gospel".

  2. Yep, I hear you. Not quite sure what I can do about it, short of manually checking every single entry against FR24 etc. I think really I have to rely on readers letting me know when the data is incorrect.