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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Commercials - September 24 2019

TC-NBY A20N Pegasus Airlines PGT2Q 00:39  D
G-JMCP B733 West Atlantic Cargo Airlines NPT11M 01:03  A  22:02 D
EC-MPS B738 Air Europa AEA825 02:01  A  03:43 D
LZ-CGR B734 Cargo Air BCS2120 03:32  A  23:09 D
N614UP B748 United Parcel Service UPS4 03:37  A  07:50 D
N112FE B763 FedEx Express FDX5202 03:42  A  05:00 D
G-DHKR B752 DHL Air BCS65F 04:10  A  05:34 D
N927FD B752 FedEx Express FDX6201 05:13  A  23:14 D
N339UP B763 United Parcel Service UPS218 06:26  A  21:15 D
D-AGWZ A319 Eurowings EWG8CE 07:14  A  08:47 D
OE-LOY A320 Laudamotion LDM75BD 08:20  A  09:10 D
SU-GCE A332 Egypt Air Cargo MSX530 09:18  A  00:00 D
UK67001 B763 Uzbekistan Cargo UZB3551 09:25  A  13:40 D
9M-NAB A320 Royal Malaysian Air Force M9NAB 10:05  D
TC-DCH A320 Pegasus Airlines PGT5UM 11:27  A  12:29 D
TC-AGI A321 AtlasGlobal KKK1CF 12:25  A  13:54 D
A6-PFE B789 Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight AUH05 12:28  D
A6-EQP B77W Emirates Airline UAE65 13:17  A  15:23 D
A6-HRM B744 Dubai Air Wing DUB1 13:59  A
ER-AXP A320 Air Moldova MLD833 14:07  A  15:18 D
TC-DCI A320 Pegasus Airlines PGT5HW 14:19  A  15:48 D
TC-NBC A20N Pegasus Airlines PGT61T 16:21  A  18:01 D
N844FD B77L FedEx Express FDX36 17:44  A  19:43 D
G-CLAB B748 CargoLogicAir CLU911 17:49  A  18:57 D
N863FD B77L FedEx Express FDX2 17:55  A  21:03 D
A6-EQO B77W Emirates Airline UAE67 18:55  A  21:21 D
LX-MIA E35L Global Jet Luxembourg SA SVW47MA 19:20  D
OE-IHL A320 Laudamotion LDM17M 19:30  A  20:35 D
D-AGWB A319 Eurowings EWG1Y 19:33  A  20:25 D
ZA-ALB B734 Albawings AWT911 19:54  A  20:54 D
N328UP B763 United Parcel Service UPS207 20:34  A  23:01 D
N601FE MD11 FedEx Express FDX9 21:18  A  23:39 D
N118FE B763 FedEx Express FDX5047 21:50  A  23:17 D
TC-NBU A20N Pegasus Airlines PGT54C 22:47  A


  1. Ninian there was a change of aircraft for jet2 yesterday with G-GDFX making an appearance think it went to Alicante at some stage.



  2. Thanks Chris! Rather than trying to keep up on a daily basis, I am checking the Jet2 aircraft once per week, so I will include your update in the next round which is due on Sept 27.