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Friday, 25 October 2019

Bizjets - October 24 2019

N1WW GL6T Ambleur II LLC N1WW 05:36  D
B-8295 G450 Deer Jet Beijing B8295 06:10  A
VP-CUA G550 Jet Aviation Business Jets VPCUA 06:56  D
VT-RUP GL5T Bajaj Aviation P/L VTRUP 09:08  A
9H-VJP GL6T Vista Jet Malta VJT895 09:09  A
N290GA G650 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp N290GA 11:30  D
N983J GLEX  Irwin Mark Jacobs Trustee N983J 12:01  A
LX-PCA PC24 Jetfly Aviation SA JFA44M 13:22  A
HB-JGP GLEX Premium Jet AG HBJGP 13:28  D
HZ-MS4C G450 Saudi Armed Forces Medical MEDVC4C 13:48  A
N70EW GL6T East West Air LLC N70EW 16:28  D
N979CB GL6T Executive Jet Management EJM979 16:43  D
9H-VCG CL35 Vista Jet Malta VJT480 18:39  A
N81GJ LJ36 Global Jetcare N81GJ 20:55  A


  1. SP-AST was a Biggin Hill movement not Stansted

  2. Thanks Phil - do you know of any website that will allow a search of bizjet movements? I could match my list against it if it were available...

  3. Ninian -There is a Yahoo Bizjet group, which is about to move to Google, however the majority of the Stansted movements on it are those posted on the Stansted Group. I run checks using Flight Radar for my logs. Others may have other suggestions