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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

News Update

Jet2 B733 G-GDFE ferried LBA-GBA for part-out and scrap.

Jet2 B738 G-DRTR (ex B-5175) delivery 6/11 CTU-TSE-MAN.

Malta Air B738 9H-QBP (ex EI-FOD) in svc/ferried 30/10-05/11 TSF-NAP-MLA.

Malta Air B738 9H-QBT (ex EI-FOH) in svc/ferried 01-06/11 BGY-NAP-MLA.

Malta Air B738 9H-QBU (ex EI-FOI) ferried 31/10-06/11 STN-NAP-MLA.

TUI Airways B752 G-BYAW last in svc 03/11 LGW-TFS-LGW, to RAF as testbed.

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