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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Bizjets - January 13 2020

F-HATV C68A AstonJet ASJ394 07:46  A  09:02 D
N602EE E550 Corporate N602EE 10:32  D
G-XION FA8X ExecuJet UK Ltd GXION 10:45  A
C-FEMF LJ40 Fox Flight Inc CFEMF 11:58  A
HB-VPR E55P Family Airline SA HBVPR 14:14  D
2-EMBR E55P Corporate 2EMBR 15:41  A  F/V
N299GA G650 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp N299GA 16:49  A  F/V
N751CT C750 Textron Aviation Inc N751CT 17:54  A


  1. N299GA is a G280 not 650 (also see 14.1)

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