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Monday, 6 January 2020

Bizjets - January 5 2020

N360SL CL64 Holypeak P/L N360SL 08:42  D
G-TULI E550 Centreline Air Charter Ltd CLF040 11:12  D
VP-CER G650 AMAC Corporate Jet AG VPCER 12:08  D
CS-PHB E55P NetJets Europe NJE415U 12:52  A
D-IWIR C25A Excellent Air ECA4C 16:07  D
M-CLAB CL30 Proair Charter Transport MCLAB 17:52  A
HB-VPR E55P Family Airline SA HBVPR 20:06  A
N919NE FA7X Planet Nine N919NE 20:15  A
N1904W GLF4 Aircraft Finance Aircorp Inc N1904W 21:25  A  22:48 D
N30LB FA7X  G reat American Insurance Co N30LB 22:31  A


  1. HB-JSB departed Luton at 11.45 heading out to the Middle East not a STN arrival