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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Bizjets - May 01 2020

C-FEMC LJ40 Fox Flight Inc CFEMC 07:27  A
M-KELI E55P Kelly Airways Limited MKELI 11:44  A
A7-CGE G650 Qatar Executive QQE100 12:49  A
9H-ZAK B733 Maleth-Aero AOC Ltd ENZ928P 12:59  D   22:06 A
G-JMBO E55P Catreus GJMBO 18:18  A
CS-PHJ E55P NetJets Europe NJE863Q 20:14  A

1 comment:

  1. CS-PHJ arrived on 30.5 did not depart and and is still present on 2.5, probably just a ground check on 1.5?

    Not strictly a biz jet but LX-JFW PC12 arrived at 14.20 (JFA18A) and departed at 16.00 (JFA10B). Also G-INTV As355 was filming for the BBC over the airfield between approx 11.47 and 11.58.

    Hope this helps
    Phil K