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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Bizjets - May 10 2020

CS-PHE E55P NetJets Europe NJE651M 07:43  D
CS-PHI E55P NetJets Europe NJE862F 08:07  A   08:39 D
A6-CAS A318 Constellation Aviation Services A6CAS 12:04  A
G-ERFX E35L Flexjet Ltd FLJ611 16:10  A
9H-JOY CRJ2 Air X Charter AXY1006 16:51  A
XA-CAL E35L BVG Viajes SA de CV XACAL 17:21  A
N268VT GLF4 Pegasus Elite Aviation PEG68 20:29  D


  1. CS-PHI arrived on 23.4 (as NJE862F) and departed as NJE053G. between times it has been doing ground tests showing with NJE862G.

    Phil K

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