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Monday, 5 October 2020

Bizjets - October 02 2020

G-CEGP BE20 Alto Aerospace GCEGP 00:41  A   15:32 D
G-HNPN E55P Centreline Air Charter Ltd CLF989 09:38  D
9H-WFC E35L Air X Charter AXY0202 11:36  D
9H-BVJ CL85 Blue Square Aviation Group Malta 9HBSG 11:41  A   13:38 D
EJ-AWES CL65 Sonas Aviation SON001 13:26  D
CS-PHB E55P NetJets Europe NJE068D 16:02  A
VQ-BXG FA8X Shell Aviation Ltd VQBXG 17:29  D
CS-PHN E55P NetJets Europe NJE071H 17:32  A
9H-YES B735 Air X Charter AXY0117 19:21  A


  1. CS-PHB arrived on 30.9 was doing ground tests (departed 3.10)
    EJ-ROXY CL605 13:30A (departed at 13.20 - did one test circuit)
    G-KRFX E135 FLJ613 15:05A
    G-PRFX E135 FLJ612 21:45A
    M-AGMA BD700 19:00A
    VP-CUA G550 06:00A
    Hope this helps
    Phil K

    1. Thanks Phil I've stopped including the Flexjets as they seem to be in and out with monotonous regularity!!