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Monday, 19 October 2020

News Update

It appears that the London airport slot situation has been thrown open - in other words, airlines are not being allowed to keep their winter slots if they do not operate them due COVID-19. A number of airlines have moved to LHR already, and LGW is apparently wide open. Despite having the slots, JetBlue has ruled out LHR, leaving LGW and STN to fight over the scraps.

Emirates, EL AL and Air India will not operate into STN until Summer 2021 at the very earliest.

Lauda Europe A320 9H-LMB (ex OE-LMB) re-regd VIE 14/10 on transfer.

Jet2 A321 G-HLYD (ex C-GTZX) C-reg canx 14/10 at YRQ prior to delivery via Austria.

Thomas Cook Airlines A332 G-MDBD seen with engines removed at MAN 11/10 prior to scrap inside hangar.

Maleth-Aero A346 9H-EAL (ex G-VNAP) at BOH 18/10 with European Cargo titles.

Air X Charter B734 9H-AHC (ex SP-LLF) ferried SNN-YYR-YLW 15/10 for freighter conversion.

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